Meet Mike and Ann Ross

See how Kari Dawson guided her through the ups and downs of the home buying process. 

Why did you decide to buy?

We decided to buy because we wanted a place that was ours and we could make a home and would rather pay for our own place rather than someone else's mortgage. We knew it was the right time after our son was born because we wanted a place he could grow up in that was in a nice neighborhood. 

How many real estate agents did you interview?

We didn't interview any agents. I submitted a request on Zillow to see a property when we were just tossing the idea around. Kari was the realtor that responded.

Were there stressful moments or things you were concerned about in the process?

There were many stressful moments that Kari handled professionally and honestly. We knew we could call at anytime and get answers to questions or concerns. 

Why Kari Dawson with Hodrick Realty?

We chose Kari after the very first showing. She had an awesome personality and we felt she would be great to work with. It was wonderful having Kari as our realtor. Even now we can ask her a question about different remodeling projects we have going on and she's always quick with a response.

What was most memorable about your experience?

The most memorable experience for us was our first meeting and showing. We were going in uncertain and nervous with our newborn not knowing a thing about realty. Kari approached us upbeat, enthusiastic and ready to go. We knew then we had a realtor that was personable, knowledgeable and showed care to our wants and needs as a first time homebuyer.

What advice do you have for someone who's thinking about potentially buying or selling a home?

Our advice to anyone looking to buy or sell is find a realtor like Kari. Someone who loves their job and puts the client first. Who goes above and beyond to make sure your happy and feel confident in your decision.

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