Kim Jones

Why did you decide to sell?

I was going through a divorce at the time and I decided spring would be a good time to sell because we just had the kitchen redone and the house was presentable and looking its best. I couldn't believe it but the house actually went under contract in 6 hours!



How did Gail prepare your home to sell and how do you feel she marketed your home?

What stood out to me was that she came to the house and made certain recommendations. She had professional photos taken, which I thought was excellent and they looked great. The photography really did justice to rooms. 

She already put the bug in everyone's ear at the office as soon as we decided to list. So when it was coming soon, she started the buzz and said she had this great listing coming up. She had the photography in advance so she was marketing it before it was even ever on the market.

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Why Gail Bair with Hodrick Realty?

I always knew I would use Gail. She understood me and she took her time to put herself in my shoes considering the situation. She's very real and realistic. The price was perfect and it was priced to sell. Gail was just very professional. I heard from her everyday and she really knew her stuff and she did it well.

Best part of your selling experience?

It wasn't just a transaction for her or about the sale of the house. She was looking out for me as a person. She always put my best interest first and of course, selling in 6 hours was great!


Were there stressful moments or things you were concerned about in the process?

There were some challenges along the way so that made it stressful at times. But I was confident she would take care of it and she did. I wasn't losing sleep over it.

Kim's top selling tip:

Start preparing early and fix what needs to be fixed. Make sure to stage it nicely so when they do take the photos, it really shines. Call Gail Bair and she will take care of you. You won't regret using her to sell your property. She's just as professional as they come.

"She always put my best interest first and of course, selling in 6 hours was great!"


Ready To Sell Your Home?

We're ready to embark on this journey with you, and make it unforgettable.

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