Meet Nicki Conway

See how Jodi Ferris guided her through the ups and downs of the buying process. 

Why did you decide to buy?

I decided to buy a home after renting for 4 years after my divorce. I wanted a place to call my own. A place with a yard for my dog, Harper to run and play, also a garage for the racecar. 

Were there stressful moments or things you were concerned about in the process?

After a few showings, I told Jodi of a home that I had my eye on and that I was told that I would not get it with the payments I wanted. Jodi said, "well, let's look at it.". We set the date and after the showing talked about the numbers. I ended up putting a bid in on the home. The seller came back with a counter offer so Jodi explained to me what we had to do next. I said, "great, let's do it.". The seller accepted my offer and I was going to be a homeowner. 

Why Jodi Ferris with Hodrick Realty?

I needed someone who could explain things to me. After talking with my cousin about  my previous experience, they recommended Jodi. They told me how awesome she was and how she was always looking and calling them with different places to look at. I texted her and within minutes she replied. She began searching for a home for me. Jodi was always there when I had questions and quick to answer.

Jodi helped me every step of the way. She called the loan company for me and talked about the ways to get the loan. I was so stressed thinking it was not going to work but Jodi was right there telling me it would be fine and she was right!

"Jodi made it so easy for me."


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