Meet the Sterners

See how Kari Dawson guided the Sterners through the ups and downs of the buying and selling process.

Why did you decide to sell?

We decided to sell our home and move to be closer to my family. My parents are aging and getting closer has enabled us to spend more time with them and help them. We also wanted our son to be closer to cousins as he grows up. We wanted to move prior to him starting kindergarten. The move also got us a little closer to our work locations. We commute to Sullivan County to work, so every minute saved, helps. It wasn't easy to move, we had been in our home for thirteen years. So the decision to move was not made lightly. We purchased it at an auction. It had formerly been a church and needed many repairs and upgrades. We truly made it a "one of a kind" home. We still miss it at times but it was a good decision.



How did Kari prepare your home to sell and how do you feel she marketed your home?

We feel Kari marketed our home very well. Our home was not necessarily an easy home to sell. It definitely was not a "cookie cutter" home since it was an old church. The layout was much different than most homes; some people could not see the potential. She hired a professional photographer which I believe made all the difference. She had open houses and kept the online information fresh and up to date.

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Were there stressful moments or things you were concerned about in the process?

Yes, there were stressful times during selling and buying with many ups and downs. Kari was professional and kept our interests first. Handling all the paperwork alone is quite an undertaking, one that we would have been lost if having to do ourselves. Having a trusted person for your realtor makes all the difference.

Why Kari Dawson with Hodrick Realty?

There were several reasons we chose Kari. From the very start we just seemed to click. She genuinely seemed to care and took an interest in who we were and what we needed. 

We had used a website that helps a person find a realtor.  Kari responded and agreed to be our realtor. We interviewed another realtor; however, she never contacted us again and would not return our calls. We didn't need her anyway; upon meeting Kari and spending some time talking and reviewing the process, it was clear that we could trust Kari. She gave us reasonable expectations and did not shy away from selling a unique home.

Best part of your selling & buying experience?

One of the most memorable things through the whole experience was the relationship formed between our family and Kari. Kari loves our son and is always so kind and thoughtful. She, truly is a wonderful person. Also memorable was traveling around to see so many homes. One home in particular had a terribly long, gravel, steep and rutted driveway that lead to a home on top of a hill. Once to the home we saw turkey vultures perched next to a tarp covering a gaping hole in the roof. We won't soon forget that day.


The Sterner's advice for you:

Our advice to anyone selling or buying is to call Kari! There is no one better to help you than Kari Dawson. We were so fortunate to find her. She's honest, kind, positive and so very hard working. She goes above and beyond what most realtors will do!!!

"She gave us reasonable expectations and did not shy away from selling a unique home."


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